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Delightful & engaging children's activity book encourages kids to appreciate pets, animals & nature

Help your kids discover the vast wonders of a woodland forest!

Sheridan, Wyoming Home School Teacher says:

"Educators, including home schoolers, can make good use of this book. It gives children information about different animals and their habitats without them even realizing they are learning. Teachers can take things a step further by comparing the way animals prepare for the future and the way people do. The book can be used as an on-going project throughout the school year. There are many great teaching elements to Cody’s Cabin!"

Bonnie Sargent

From: Gayle Irwin, Author

Cody's Cabin: Life in a Pine Forest tells the tale of a Cocker Spaniel who explores a mountain woodland near the cabin he shares with his human family.

Within the aspen leaves and pine branches, among the colorful wildflowers, and deep in the thorny thickets Cody sees, smells, hears and touches nature. Cody's discoveries and antics encourages children to discover nature around them. Not just an engaging, entertaining story, this book is also a strong teaching tool and includes tidbits about some of the plants and animals found in a Rocky Mountain Forest as well as a nature journal for children to use as they discover the natural wonders around them.


  • Nature Journal
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Art Page
  • Nature Tidbits

If you're looking for a way to engage children in the beauty and delight of nature, perhaps connecting them to special outdoor areas you enjoy; if you're looking for an innovative way to teach science and lanaguage and visual arts; if you're looking for an entertaining and engaging story for children, Cody's Cabin: Life in a Pine Forest fills all those niches! For ages 7 - 12 years old.


Cody's Cabin is a delightful, engaging and educational book for children.

Cody's Cabin: Life in a Pine Forest provides children not only with a delightful dog story about a precocious Cocker Spaniel, entertaining them with his antics as he chases squirrels and causing them to shiver as the little dog encounters a black bear, but children will also learn about the plants and animals found in a Rocky Mountain forest; they will also learn vocabulary words related to life in a pine forest, and they will be encouraged to get outdoors and explore the natural world around them.

  • Learn a New Word - Within the book's pages are vocabulary words related to science
  • Did You Know - A component that explains something about a plant or animal found in a forest
  • Nature Journal - Encourages children to explore natural areas and write their discoveries
  • Nature Drawing Page - Encourages children to draw some of the things they encounter in nature


Casper, Wyoming Educator says:

"Cody’s Cabin takes young readers on a journey to the mountains through the eyes, ears and nose of an inquisitive and energetic cocker spaniel. Author Gayle Irwin entertains as well as educates her readers through Cody’s woodland experiences and through her encouragement to children to get outdoors with the provision of a nature journal at the end of the book. Teachers, parents, and anyone else who appreciates the beauty of the mountain world and wants to share that experience with children will love this book!"

Christina Lenihan

Grandmother, former educator and Cocker Spaniel owner says:

"Cody's Cabin is a wonderful book of adventure, description, and learning activities. Through the eyes, nose and ears of a precocious Cocker Spaniel named Cody, children will experience the lovely sights and smells of a mountain forest. Throughout the book are fun-filled learning activities for kids. This is a book I love to share with my grandchildren. I recommend it to teachers and young readers alike!"

Marian Marian Kingdon, Casper, WY

Even if you have any doubts, rest assured that you have absolutely nothing to fear because there is a 100% money back guarantee if you find that the Cody's Cabin is not everything we say it is!!

Children enjoy dog stories. They also enjoy adventure stories. Cody's Cabin: Life in a Pine Forest combines both, creating an engaging, entertaining, and educational book!

  • Enjoyable children's story
  • Educational tool for parents and home schoolers
  • Educational tool for public school teachers (innovative way to teach science and language/visual arts)
  • A way to share the outdoors with children
  • Softcover, 32 pages, 10 illustrations

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Children will enjoy reading Cody's Cabin: Life in a Pine Forest. They will laugh as Cody chases pine squirrels, shiver when he encounters a black bear in the raspberry thicket, and feel the serenity of the woodland as Cody walks the forested trail near his cabin. Through Cody's many senses, the children will be encouraged to encounter nature around them, whether in a garden inhabited by lady bugs and butterflies or a forested glen dotted with colorful wildflowers and welcoming to deer, squirrels and foxes. The Nature Journal encourages them to explore, to see, hear, smell and touch the natural world around them.

Gayle Irwin is the author of two other children's books as well as contributing writer to editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul. She writes for Our Town Casper, a monthly community magazine, and for the River Press newspaper in Fort Benton, Montana. She is a former newspaper editor and conservation educator, and she helped develop a Junior Monument Explorer Activity booklet for the Bureau of Land Management's Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center (Fort Benton, MT). Mrs. Irwin enjoys sharing nature and writing with students. She explores the Rocky Mountains with her husband and their two dogs, Cody and Sage, including the land near their mountain cabin in Wyoming.

Thanks again,

withdogs Gayle Irwin

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